Two phases:

The Residences at The Bridge offer two programs to best support our residences in all stages of recovery. Professional and executive programs are tailored to individual needs at discretion of the program director and will involve a mixture of the requirements below.


Phase 1
0-6 Months Abstinent

Accountability and structure is vital to recovery, especially in the first six months. Functional MRI brain scans prove that it takes four to six months for the addicted or alcoholic brain to even begin to function like a normal brain and up to 18 months to two years for the brain to fully function like a non-addicted brain. The tragic truth is that is just takes a long time to heal. Therefore, Phase 1 has more structure and accountability than Phase 2. 


Phase 2
6+ Months Abstinent


  • Attend a minimum of five 12 step meetings per week

  • Regular involvement in 12 Step program and sponsoring other men in recovery

  • Attend one community meeting per week (Mondays or Thursdays at 7:30pm)

  • Weekend therapeutic leaves are encouraged if approved by staff

  • Have employment within one month or volunteer 20 hours per week if already financially secure

  • Submit to a minimum of one random urine drug screen per week and daily random breathalyzer tests

  • Nightly curfew at 11pm and lights out at midnight

  • Sign out board to indicate location at all times