Admissions Process

The first step is an easy one. Any potential residents or referents should call Elsie Hogan at (770) 225-1843. The screening process is to ensure the person is appropriate for the safety of the community. A safe and secure environment to heal is paramount to long-term recovery. The screen generally takes between fifteen and thirty minutes.


our clients

  • Are men and women21 years or older (may call to discuss consideration if resident is under 21)

  • Are medically and psychologically stable

  • Have a strong desire for their own recovery

  • Abstain from alcohol and drug use

  • Commit to a minimum of six to twelve months

  • Those in IOP programs may have shorter stays

  • Adhere to the aftercare plan of their referral source

  • Adhere to the behavioral standards of the Roswell Recovery community

  • Agree to frequent, random drug and alcohol screenings

  • Abstain from relationships and sexual activity, unless in a previous committed relationship


admission and program fees

The one-time admission fee/bed reservation fee is $475, non-refundable, and processed through PayPal. Debit and credit cards are accepted without having to log into PayPal if you do not have an account. 

Please be sure to include the resident's name and a cell phone number.

All fees may be made online or by check upon admission.

Program fees are $1300 per month for a double room. Please include the resident's name in the transaction.


moving in

Once accepted into the Roswell Recovery community, a move-in appointment will be scheduled with Roswell Recovery staff. Family members and supports are welcome to join the new resident at his or her move-in appointment. Items to bring include:

  • Bed and bath linens for a twin bed

  • Toiletries

  • Clothes

  • Groceries

  • First Month Initial payment (if admission/bed reservation fee is not paid prior to admission) of $1775, which includes $475 admission fee/bed reservation fee and $1300 first month's program fees for a double room.

  • Aftercare plans from referents, if applicable

  • Cell phones are a must and serve as a means of communication and accountability

  • Cars are allowed but are cleared on an individual basis during the in-take process

  • Items to personalize your space (photographs, books, pictures, etc.)

  • Laptops are allowed but no desktop computers.