Roswell Recovery Residence Sober Living and The Residences at the Bridge



With Addiction Counseling included!

We are a NARCAN staff and resident trained facility!

For Business Executives, Professionals, Semi-Professionals and all adults willing to take action to get into and stay in recovery!!!

We offer both Male and Female residents at our Sandy Springs, Georgia facility!


Double Rooms Available

Roswell Recovery provides recovery residences and sober living services to individuals in recovery from alcoholism and drug addition. We serve adult men and women, 21 years and above. Men and women under age 21 may be admitted after a screening phone interview. Our main purpose is to support our residents in establishing and practicing a long-term recovery lifestyle. The Residents at The Bridge provides our residents with safe, comfortable home environment and a supportive, recovery-focused peer group. The staff live on-site for 24/7 support of our residents. 


Our Program

traditional 12 step program

The Residences at The Bridge knows the importance of 12 Step Programs in the lives of millions of people that have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body as a result of chronic alcoholism and addiction. We are located near a large AA clubhouse in north metro Atlanta which tends to be the focal point for those recovering through the twelve steps.